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Estrogen is a woman of self-marketing health
Estrogen is a woman of self-marketing health care products and cosmetics, too little secretion, the skin coarse, dark face, breast dysplasia, become a "princess" scales, hypersecretion increases the risk of gynecological cancer. Pueraria contains high activity of phytoestrogens isoflavones, which can balance the body estrogen in both directions and regulate women's endocrine system. Even in middle age, people can be healthy and beautiful.
Once in yunnan, I saw a tricycle and friends on the side of the road, the car with a few big things like tree roots, I ask, just know that puerarin, can breast enhancement beauty, taste the kudzu root and water chestnut, very sweet and refreshing, from then on, I just saw the street have sell kudzuvine root, can buy to eat. Breast enhancement and cosmetic effects were not noticed, but my breast lobule hyperplasia was relieved.
Our country the first drug monograph of cold-induced febride description have been carried out already of puerarin, say it taste sweet, flat, belongs to the spleen, stomach, lung and bladder, can solve muscle antifebrile, published through diagnosis, thirst quenching, sun Microsystems antidiarrheal. Medical sage in han dynasty, zhang zhongjing list famous prescriptions in treatise on febrile disease "kudzuvine root soup", is still as important nourish the party has been widely used, can cure fever headache, hypertension, heat dysentery, diarrhea, can solution wine.
Puerarin in recent years has been dubbed the "female patron saint" title, because it contains isoflavones active high class material, a kind of natural plant estrogen, 100 ~ 1000 times that of soybean isoflavones, two-way balance of estrogen in the body, adjust the internal secretion, nourish ovary, slow down aging, especially for middle-aged women and menopausal women raise colour obvious health care effect.
Everybody knows, the female health is not healthy, beautiful not beautiful, besides congenital factor, the biggest postnatal factor is the inside body estrogen secretion condition. Too little secretion, the skin coarse, dark face, breast dysplasia, become a "princess" scales, hypersecretion of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, will increase the risk of ovarian cancer and other gynecological cancer. In the increasingly competitive in the workplace, the white-collar women are facing huge pressure, work and life to mid-30s began to aging, body fat, the skin is flabby, irritability, as if in advance into the menopause. Eating or brewing tea with kudzu on a regular basis can help maintain a balanced internal environment, even in middle age. If really in menopause also drinkable kudzu root tea to complement the lack of estrogen secretion, relieve menopausal hot flashes and night sweats, upset minded and other discomfort, continue to maintain the body's energy, like "ageless beauty god" gigi, a Pentecostal the skin white tender, still in good condition.
Author: su li