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Invigorate the circulation work wonders, peach blossom tea drink after a period of time, you will find that the face of chloasma and splash all disappeared, face become red, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, is really "the peach blossom set each other off red".
"The warm spring wind blowing in the face, peach flowers blossoming, birds into a pair of branches, heart flowers open "In the spring, the bright red peach flowers are in full bloom, and this song of the ox," peach flowers blossoming, "sings to the heart of the people. Spring is a good season to fall in love. Peach blossoms on human faces are all red. All day but if in a rough is full of gray splash face, always looked sallow, no good color, also not good spirit, the desires of the heart would have hit you, see you will detour.
Actually this season's peach flowers have the effect of beauty and beauty. Peach blossom flavor sweet, xin, sexual slight temperature, enter liver classics, have the effect that raises blood to regulate classics extremely well, hairdressing raises face, reduce weight thin body. The thousand gold recipe records: "peach blossom three plants, empty stomach drink, thin waist body." "Tao hua" also said: "peach flavor bitter, flat sex, the Lord eliminate moisture, benefit urine and urine, under three insects." All these indicate that peach blossom can eliminate natural gas and treat the effect of amenorrhea.
The easiest way to use peach blossom beauty is to make peach blossom tea, use the peach blossom petals processed in the traditional Chinese medicine shop, or pick fresh peach flowers with your own hands. When brewing, first put peach flowers in the teapot, with a little boiling water to soak and moisten, then cover and stew for five or six minutes, you can drink when you see the tea soup become a very beautiful pink. The tea has an amazing blood-activating effect. If you already have some chloasma and color spots on your face, drink one cup a day for about two weeks. After a while, you'll notice that your face will turn rosy, your skin will become smooth and elastic, and those pesky spots will fade a lot.
Actually peach blossom can hairdressing, mainly from the flower contains abundant mountain naphthol, carotene, vitamin and other ingredients, which can dredge the meridians of the body and facial, expansion of the peripheral blood capillary, improve blood circulation, make skin full absorption of oxygen and moisture water tender, function and principle and many cosmetics advocates active oxygen technology today. Naphthol in peach blossoms is a master against melanin, which prevents melanin from accumulating in the skin. There is no pigment deposition, chloasma, freckles, iris, color spots and other nasty spots can disappear from the face without trace. In free state in the peach blossom is also rich in plant protein and amino acid, extremely easy to be absorbed by the skin, efficacy as essence mask, can improve dry and rough skin, reduce wrinkles.
People often use "human face peach flowers" to praise women as beautiful as peach flowers. After drinking peach blossom tea, female friends will be "face to face peach blossom match red", peach blossom luck repeatedly, want to hide not to be able to escape.
Author: su li