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Huaqing company carries out patriotic health cleaning activities

"May Day" to commemorate the 66th, 96th  "May 4th youth day", according to the CPC central committee general secretary xi jinping "adhere to the resource conservation and environmental protection basic national policy, efforts toward the new era of socialist ecological civilization", all staff of environmental  health awareness, on April 30, in the afternoon, the party leaders HuaQing company, the company of the youth league organizations, the labor, the committee of the communist party members to carry out "I love HuaQing garden, to achieve environmental protection guard" health cleaning activities.
At 15:00 PM, the general cleaning began. More than 40 employees gathered in the lobby of the first floor of the company and took their labor tools to the work place. The driver's squad is responsible for cleaning the garage and surrounding flower beds. More than 30 other people came to clean the outside of the new dormitory building. Sorching burning sun,  without joining the labor members retreat, don't need special division of labor, everyone spontaneous smudgy place for cleaning: some use a broom and shovels to clear the road of garbage and water; Some use garbage trucks to clean up litter from flower beds. Some stooped to pull weeds out of flower beds.
The shoes were wet, the clothes were dirty, the hands were torn by the branches, and even the ants got into them. After more than two hours of clean-up work, the company's garage and new dormitory outside environment has been greatly improved. This activity carried forward the spirit of the party, the industry and the communist youth league committee taking the lead in serving the people, and cultivated the ability of workers to do practical work and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation.
Take part in Labour members said, maintain public health and environment, to build beautiful HuaQing be the responsibility of everyone in HuaQing in HuaQing HuaQing, life at work, it has the responsibility and obligation to safeguard the environment health, everyone should play an exemplary role, to build beautiful HuaQing do an own strength.