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China renewable resources development co., LTD. Is an enterprise affiliated to China supply and marketing cooperative association and a leading enterprise in China's circular economy. Over the years, the company always adhere to the "network, resource, technology, environmental protection, the brand" business philosophy, adhering to the priority of environmental protection, safety first, quality first, people-oriented development ideas, give full play to the talent, technology, equipment, processing advantage, strive to build the recycle bin (or points), distribution centers and distribution market "trinity" of national renewable resources recycling system, efforts to build a national large-scale renewable resources industry demonstration base, actively undertake national "urban mining" construction, guide the industry to develop in the direction of standardization, standardization, scale, harmless, It has played an active role in promoting circular, green and low-carbon development.
After years of efforts, the company in the country 25 provinces (zone, municipality directly under the central government) the construction of the bohai sea, northeast, east, south, south China, southwest and northwest area such as recycling network, the company has nearly 50 molecules 1 1 main board listed companies, the new three board listed companies, 11 large national renewable resources industry demonstration base, three regional distribution market, more than 70 distribution centers and more than 70 outlets, at the same time have renewable resources research institute, national renewable resources in tianjin science and technology information center and the national skill appraisal station of renewable resources industry such as scientific research institutions. Pulled the annual tax is more than one hundred million yuan, nearly 50000 jobs, recycling of renewable resources more than 10 million tons, equivalent to reduce solid waste emissions of 5 million tons, reduce 30 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, save energy more than 1000 ten thousand tons of standard coal, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 33000 tons, reduce sewage discharge more than 8000, ten thousand tons, saving more than 3000, ten thousand tons of natural mineral resource is the development of circular economy, promote resource recycling large backbone enterprises.
Company main business areas including: renewable resources recycling, hazardous waste disposal, wastewater treatment, rare metals extraction processing, the industrial chain through the collection, sorting, roughing and deep processing, and other recycling use. The company has been leading the country in the field of waste plastic modification, rare metal extraction and harmless treatment of hazardous waste.